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Ankle Leash

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Keep your friends close and your Origami closer! At least in the water. The leash features:

18" ankle strap
6' bungee leash

Our leash is durable and ready to keep you connected to your Origami while you are out finding freedom on the water.

18" ankle strap + 72" bungie leash + boat velcro attachment

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Danyce French
Ankle leash

I haven’t used the leash, I’m still waiting for the paddlers to arrive. Given a May delivery when ordered during the winter but no new delivery date as of yet. I’m sad 😞

Jody McCauley
Ankle leash

Can not review at this time as I am still waiting for my origami paddler with which to use it.

Yvonne LeBlanc
Have not used the Paddler yet

Have not used the Paddler or Leash yet. The leaves have just startrd to bud out here.

Jody Turner

I can’t review an ankle leash when I have not received my paddler