Our Story

In 1971 I sold my first sit on top kayak which introduced millions of people to the water. Ever since then it’s been my life mission to get a billion butts in boats. I’ve always felt that being on the water is the most amazing experience for our minds and bodies and it’s a win win because it’s environmentally efficient! Paddling does the most with the least.

It hasn't been easy...

Back in 2012 we launched the very first version of the Origami Paddler.  This NEW product available is a completely new model/different product.  Previous iterations were SUP only, and the new Origami Paddler is a SUP and folding kayak in one.  And yes, any previous part malfunctions have been resolved and are a non-issue.  Durability is key!

MY GOAL is to get a BILLION BUTTS IN BOATS and boards. My way of doing that is by serving paddlers by giving them the best most practical way of enjoying this wonderful world of water.

In the future I envision and desire AN ACTIVE COMMUNITY of paddlers who use the Origami Paddler without actually owning one. I want this community to share stories and feel a bond with others and with me which gives me more satisfaction than the money.

If there is enough interest I want to establish a “Club Origami” where you can use the Origami’s at home or world wide and have a world community to hang with and paddle with.  Air BNB’s could be a center for this activity when you are traveling to find your ultimate paddle adventure.