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Delivery Timeline

Shipping has started in July and we already shipped above 1,000 units. See reviews here

Here is the estimated delivery timeline:

We have 28,000 units pre-ordered. We already shipped 1,500+ units. Our goal is to ship 1,250 in Sep, 7,000 in Oct, and 7,000 in Nov.

Here is the Kickstarter delivery timeline:
· Kickstarter orders in the US should be delivered by the end of Oct.
· Our current goal is to deliver to Canada Kickstarter backers by the end of Nov.
· Our current goal is to deliver to most of Europe by the end of Dec.

· As soon as we fulfill all Kickstarter backers in the US, we estimate that we will be able to start to fulfill our website preorders, while continuing to fill international Kickstarter orders without interruption.
· Our domestic shipping system is up and running. We are working to set up shipping systems around the world.

Here is the website delivery timeline:
· Website orders placed Sep 2020 - Jan 2021 should be delivered by the end of Nov 2021.
· Website orders placed Feb 2021 - Apr 2021 should be delivered by Dec 2021.
· Website orders placed May 2021- today should be delivered by Jan 2022.

For more questions check out our Help Center here.

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