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1 Origami Paddler · Pre-Order Mega Discount · Estimated Delivery Feb 2022

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1 Origami Paddler for Pre-Order.  
Includes paddle, adjustable seat/backrest, and a shoulder strap.

Kayak + Stand-Up Paddleboard

Fit In Your Car. Sets Up In Less Than 1 Minute!


NOTE: Due to high demand we currently have a backlog of 20,000+ units and that will take us 15-20 weeks to fulfill.  Prices will never be lower and our backlog is growing. Order today to receive your paddler by Feb 2022!

We will ship in the order of purchase. Your order confirmation number is an indicator of your place in the preorder line. 


- Hardshell Stand-Up Paddle Board & Kayak In-one
- Includes paddle, adjustable seat/backrest, and shoulder strap.
- Created by Tim Niemier, the founder of Ocean Kayak.
No Assembly! Just fold & lock into place.
- Made in the USA.
- Ultra Durable! Puncture Resistant.
Made of recyclable plastic materials.
Weight: 45 lbs. (20 kg). Breaks down into 3 pieces (Around 15 lbs each).
- Max capacity for best performance: 230 lbs. (104 kg).
- Assembled Size: 9' feet long (274 cm). 31.5" inches wide (80 cm).
- Flat spaces for pets, or SUP yoga.
- Folded Size >> length: 35.5" (90 cm). width: 31.5" (80 cm). height: 13.5" (34 cm)

Enjoy the Easy, Awesome, Freedom!

Easy: Easy to store, Easy to move, Easy to use! Compact Portability 

Awesome: Flexible, combination Paddleboard and Kayak in one!An Origami Paddler unfolds in seconds - sit or stand as you like!

Freedom: Our patent-pending design gets you on the water quickly. No roof racks- fits in the trunk of you car No help required, carry out and go!
Origami Paddler can break down into 3 pieces, 15 pounds each and reassembles in seconds.  


Flat rate to USA $60 per paddler.
Flat rate shipping to Canada $90 per paddler.
Flat rate to Hawaii and Alaska $145 per paddler.
Flat rates to Europe, Australia, and more coming soon!

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Customer Reviews

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I got my paddler as one of the first test shipments (received it July 7th) and some hinges were broken. I gave feedback on packaging because it was clear as to how the hinges did not have enough protection to withstand shipping. OP staff was prompt and helpful and sent me a new one. I received my replacement paddler and they did indeed improve packing and had protected the hinges better the second time around. No hinges were broken, but the back hinges would not align to get the pin through. Again, OP staff was very helpful, Elena even video-called me to resolve the issue. R&D diagnosed my hinges as being on too tight. I loosened the back hinges a smidge and they lined up and I could easily insert all four hinge pins.

Fast forward to taking it on the water‚ PERFECT!! I am 5ft 1in and about 115 pounds. It carried me well. I went back and forth from SUP to kayak mode seamlessly while on the water. Being a shorter stature, using the paddle as a SUP paddle was initially awkward, but I preferred it as I frequently switched from SUP to Kayak mode and wanted the ability to use the paddle appropriately for each mode. My last time in a kayak was once, over 10 years ago. My first and last SUP experience was about 3 years ago. The Origami Paddler is my one and only purchase of a watercraft. I am definitely a novice at this. However, it was stable for my small stature, it was easy, and the versatility was great. I love that I could SUP as far as I wanted, but when waves or a long trek was in order, I switched to Kayak mode and busted through the water. Also, remember to check your drain plugs regularly when on the water, I noticed mine would get bumped and open up. I did not take on any water, just remember to give a quick check on them to ensure they are plugged.

The board tracked quite well. The board was not the most aerodynamic vessel (I would not win any races against a sit-in-kayak), nor was it as broad and big as a SUP, but it met the requirements of good in each category. If you want a perfect SUP, then buy a SUP made specifically for stand up paddle boarding. If you want a perfect kayak, buy a kayak for kayaking. For me, the foldable craft that does both well, was absolutely perfect. My husband at 6ft 2in and 165 pounds enjoyed it as a kayak. He does not like SUPing no matter the craft he is on.

The board is heavy and awkward to carry whether folded or unfolded to get to the water. I absolutely recommend a cart of some sort. I got a foldable hand truck from a hardware store and it fit the bill, but the OP cart would be the ideal option.

Overall, I would recommend this board. I love its versatility, portability, ease of use, and ability to get multiple skill sets of people on the water. I would be happy to purchase a second one down the road.

Natalie, we appreciate you!! Love, the OP Team

- Origami Paddler

All good!

Went on a quick maiden voyage! Dog is less than impressed - but I liked it! All went well! Thank you OP!

Hopefully your sweet pup likes it better next time ;-) Love, the OP Team

- Origami Paddler
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