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Love my Origami!

This is such a fun addition to my water play!

Love it

We tried out our paddlers and were pleasantly surprised how comfortable they are. No need for a seat in the kayak position. Easy to transition to standing or kneeling. It is heavier than I expected. No way I can carry it myself! I need to order the wheel cart.

Awaiting warmth

Though their arrival was long delayed, my paddlers were beautifully packaged. They look great, but I’m in Maine and awaiting the warmer weather before I try to use them.

So excited to try my Origami Paddler.

This is my first kayak and I'm so excited to try it out! Snow is gone and water is starting to warm up. I plan on having comfortable temps for my maiden voyage. Every time I contacted with customer service, they were awesome. It was hard to wait when I saw others enjoying thier Paddlers, but I knew going it Tim and the team had many steps left till I would get mine. Thank you Origami Paddler! This summer I will have my butt in a boat!!

It’s been too cold to get on the water. Hope to try it soon!

Waiting for higher temps and less wind in Sequim!

Alaska bound

I love the concept and that it is made in the USA .
it’s still cold in Alaska so I haven’t been able to take my origami out on her maiden voyage. I found it to be extremely heavy and cumbersome, which means I need to purchase a cart. I will also need to get a SUP paddle which I wish I would have ordered at the beginning. The color is fabulous.
Thank you for your product.

Anxious to try it out

Finally opened the box and assembled the Origami. First inspection showed everything was in order. Only had to adjust one hinge on the bow section. Once that was done the parts slipped together nicely. Looks good. Open water will be next.

Steady as she goes…..

And I was excited to receive my origami paddler. I got it all put together except for the carrying strap. I also purchased the cart which I think really makes a big difference in moving it around and less you like carrying a 45 pound paddle board down to a water on uneven ground. Highly recommend the cart. I’m used to a large sit on top kayak so it was like going from a pick up truck to a sports car.

Very happy!

Was very excite it finally arrived. Thank you.

Origami Paddler

I was very happy with the discount but disappointed that it took so long to receive. It is quite heavy and even heavier once it onboards water. It is not as fast as a traditional kayak but I got a great arm work out. The seat is not comfortable. I will probably give it to my son.


Nice for travel in car. Fun in smooth water. Front of board is short, needs another 10-12 inches.

Freedom Cart

It doesn't do well in sand or rocks. I have to bend over to push it. All of the pics I've seen show it long ways on the cart. I'm wondering if it can stand up the other way to be taller. I've only used it twice so will get used to it.

Superb Packing

My OrigamiPaddlers arrived securely packaged. Unrelated to packaging, one paddler had a hinge alignment issue that was remedied promptly after I alerted you guys. Thanks a ton. Awesome boats.

OP pre-order

We purchased 2 paddlers in March 2021 on pre-order. I came across them online and when I ordered, didn’t realize it was a kickstarter! We followed their story over the past year and were so excited to receive them this March. They are very accessible and great for making the most of our short summers and getting out on the water. We are “fair weather” paddlers so they are perfect for our family. I love that my 7yo can use it on her own or ride with us as a passenger. The colours are great!

Does what it says!

I would have given 4.5 stars if I could. I do love it. We folded it and brought it on our beach vacation. It lacks a place to put handles and straps, a necessity since it weighs the same as a normal kayak. Also, be sure to read up on the proper way to secure the hinges and drain the boat (and close the drain holes so there’s less water in it in the first place.)

Excellent Value for 2 Paddlers

Value = Excellent. Ther versatility of the paddler is great, but the fact that I was able to get 2 paddlers with this discount for the price of what many single sit-on-tops sell for was fantastic. You do give up a bit to obtain that versatility and mobility but the community is already finding ways to work around that quite easily.

Shipping Speed - Slow, mostly due to pandemic and then revisions to the product to address manufacturing snafus found in early releases. Not unexpected and issues appear to be addressed.

Shipping method - This was a bit confusing and hard to watch those who ordered their paddlers much later than I did get theirs first. No real explanation for that was ever offered. That said, I did get mine within the window that was expected when I placed my final shipping confirmation.

Quality - Hard to say as we've had such a cold spring that I haven't been able to get on the water yet to enjoy it. So far it seems like it's going to hold up quite well.

Instructions - Seems to rely too heavily on online videos. The printed instructions could be better.

Love my independence

Finally got to take her out for the 1st time yesterday and it was awesome. Out of my car and in the water in less than 5 minutes!!!
As an older woman and short I can't get my other kayak on my roof rack alone so the only time I could go paddling was when someone else could go to help me. With my Origami Paddler I am completely independent! And love that. It was fun, easy and very stable for both kayaking and SUP. Folks at the lake that saw it kept marveling over the design and versatility of it. It was hit all around and I am so glad to have one!!

Ultimate bliss

I absolutely love Origami Paddler. It is easy to transform and compact enough to fit in the back of my small SUV . Very sturdy and stable. Highly recommended

Love Love Love

I love this kayak/SUP! I appreciate the versatility of it and the ease of use. Initially I had to loosen the hinges with included screw driver to get the pins all of the way in, but that was very easy to do. It was easy to put together and is durable. I would highly recommend this kayak/SUP to anyone. It is heavy to move, so wheels under it would be helpful if you are going any distance on land.

Worth the wait

I ordered 3 OPs in April 2021... and it took over a Year for them to arrive. But OP said it would be a long wait. Anyhoo, they finally arrived spring 2022- 1 all good, 1 wIth broken hinges, and 1 disassembled for shipping.
OP said they’d ship me replacement hinges immediately, but the order got lost ‘in the shuffle’ and it wasn’t until Elena @ OP helped me that they arrived quickly thereafter. Replacing the hinges And assembling the 3rd was easily done with YouTube video tutorials.
So after a year of wait and a few small hiccups, I have 3 Awesome, Working OPs! They are Not easy to ‘tote’, but are conveniently portable.

In short, for me and my family- they were worth the wait ☺️

Finally got out ...

Whale. I got mine awhile ago (original Kickstarter) and honestly it makes a good shelf in the corner of the room. ;) Unlike other kayaks that you can't find to go anywhere ! Anyway it was finally a nice day and the water wasn't freezing ... So not knowing what to expect got it in the water and sat down on it. And thought ok.
Started playing around and was impressed at the stability... I've stood on an inflatable SUP and it's difficult. I stood up slowly and was impressed at how easy it way. I thought the paddle was going to be uncomfortable for standing but it worked great. ... Anyway long story short I'm very happy and very glad I bought 2. We also live next to a river and totally confident to take it down the river ... Maybe not standing up until I get good but I'm confident it will be more than stable enough...! Very happy customer and even at the current price I would buy another and encourage family and friends to buy !!!


The paddler is fulfilling a dream of getting on the water simply and quickly. Thanks!

My origami

Love my origami! Great service and product!

A foldable, hard kayak - Who wouldn't want this!

The Origami Paddler is an awesome foldable, hard-shell kayak that can be easily transported and stored in small spaces and the set up takes less then 2 min. That will revolutionize how many people can access lakes and water ways. WE LOVE IT!

Best for the money!

I love my Oragami paddler. I have actually made social media videos showing friends how it works. I’m 60 years old and I have no trouble handling it and I love using it. Absolutely fantastic experience!