Frequently Asked Questions and Company Policy Information – Origami Paddler

Frequently Asked Questions and Company Policy Information

We believe in equality and equity for all. We’re committed to creating an Origami Paddler family that supports and honors our employees, customers, and our global community, improving the world where we all coexist. 

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What does the Origami Paddler include?

The Origami Paddler comes with a standard seat/backrest and a double bladed paddle. The paddle comes in 4 parts and can be used for SUP and kayaking. The seat is attached with straps and could be upgraded in the future when we offer premium seat options. Both of these standard accessories can be easily stored in the inside of the Origami when it is folded up! 

What accessories are available?

Currently, we are still working on creating the best accessories for the Origami Paddler. 

When they are ready, we will add them to our website and release updated information! 

Origami Standard Paddle

The paddle that comes with each Origami is 82" from blade to blade. 

There are four sections. The blades are each 22" long and the two middle sections are 24" long each.

I saw reviews and another product on Amazon, by the same name. Is that what I’m buying here? Is this the same Origami Paddler?

The Origami Paddler on this site is a NEW completely different product. Back in 2012 Tim and some different partners launched a similar idea under the same name and sold it on Amazon. Previous iterations were SUP only, and the new Origami Paddler is a SUP and folding kayak in one.  Any previous part malfunctions have been resolved because we have all new components including our patent pending hinge lock system.


What about Recycling?

Based on our conversations with our manufacturer we are using Grade 5 plastic. 

Once we start shipping we will be releasing our full plan and resources for recycling the Origami when it is ready to move to the next life.

We do know that Preserve already has a program to support recycling this kind of plastic.


How big is the Origami Paddler?

The Origami is 32 inches wide and 8'11.5" long. 

When folded, it is 35.5” x 31.5” x 13.5” and 7- 7.5” thick 

The Origami weighs approximately 45 pounds. 

Metric: 274 cm long and 81 cm wide

When folded: 90 cm length x 81 cm width x 34 cm depth


How fast and/or stable is the Origami Paddler?

The Origami Paddler is certainly not the fastest or the widest SUP on the market but it is much more stable than a racing board. The Origami Paddler will, however, enable you to spend more time on different waters because it is easier to get there. The Origami is very stable as a kayak because the center of gravity is lower.


How much weight can the Origami Paddler hold?

The Origami Paddler works great up to 230 pounds in easy or calm conditions. 

We don’t recommend using the Origami with more than 250 pounds max. 

Standing up reduces stability and sitting down increases stability because the weight is lower. 

We plan to design and introduce a heavier duty model as soon as we can. 


Do the sections need air released from expansion due to sitting in the sun?

Each of the three sections has a drain plug which acts as a pressure relief valve because they keep the water out but let the air in and out. 

 We used this system on all of my millions of Ocean Kayaks and it worked well.


Can you use the Origami Paddler as a surfboard?

The Origami is like a surfboard with a few indents in it. There is a little water that ends up in the indents but It doesn’t hurt anything. It’s not the fastest surfboard, but it works!

Can one paddler hold two people?

The amount of people doesn’t matter. What matters is the amount of weight, and as the people wiggle around and the board becomes unstable. 

We are saying 230 pounds in easy or calm conditions.  

Standing up reduces stability and sitting down increases stability because the weight is lower.  

Making more Origamis for 2 or more people is the plan for the future.  

Getting two or more right now is a great idea! The price is as low as it will ever be and if we make another model someday there will always be someone who will want your old Origamis.


Is there a safety latch of some kind to engage after it is unfolded?

 Yes there is a latch that has 3 modes:

  • 1: unlocked so the pieces can come apart

  • 2: Locked but able to hinge and fold

  • 3: Locked into board position so the Origami can be paddled

We are always making improvements to make it as user friendly as possible!


Does the Origami Paddler have fins?

We have not one but 2 big 12 inch long, fins that swing down to make the Origami track very straight for a small boat.


What makes the Origami Paddler different?



Origami Paddler Product Policies

Warranties, Shipments, Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges

We are committed to being a “Golden Rule Company” and pride ourselves on treating others the way we would like to be treated.

Please give us a call or send an email to with your request, and include your order number if possible.

We are always striving to improve our service, so any guidance or feedback you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  

If you have already received your product, please refer to the owners guide that came in the box, or go to to get information on returns, repairs, replacements, and exchanges.

Thank you for being a member of the Origami Paddler Family!


We cannot accept returns, exchanges, or offer refund on all branded merchandise. Please read all sizing guides carefully. Your branded merchandise order is a final sale purchase. 



Your Paddler comes with a 1 Year limited Warranty for defects in materials and workmanship. Origami Paddler  will repair or replace any section of the Paddler (or seat or paddle) that fails because of poor quality in either materials or workmanship. If we deem that the failure was caused by abuse or misuse, the component will not be repaired or replaced. 

This warranty does not cover normal wear by use, or abuse, alterations, unauthorized repairs, or usage in ways not intended by the manufacturer. Retain this Warranty of the Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin along with your original purchase receipt in a safe and secure place in case they are needed. 

All claims must be submitted in writing to the address provided on our website. Neither Origami Paddler nor any representative assumes any other liability in connection with this product. This Warranty gives you certain legal rights, and you may also have other legal rights accorded by your state or country.  

If you receive an item that is defective or incorrect please email so we can make it right.

In your email, enclose a summary of the defects or incorrect information. If an item arrives to you damaged, please enclose images of the defect.


When we reach full production in 2021, we will process most orders in  3-5 business days once we have fulfilled our backlog. 

We process most returns and exchanges in 10-15 business days. 

Adjustments to credit cards will be made within 2 billing cycles. 


We will happily exchange or refund any item found to be defective or incorrect. For defective or incorrect items, we will incur the cost of the return shipping charges.

Once we receive your email and information and any images you can provide about the defect or item that needs correction,  we will review it as quickly as possible.

If the item needs to be returned or replaced we will:

  1. Email you a printable shipping label to return the item.
  2. Once we receive the item we will send you a replacement to the approved address. 

Please note:

If the item shows signs of wear or damage you will be notified as to how best to handle the return shipping fees back to you.

If you require expedited shipping service for your exchange, please indicate that in your email communication. Shipping fees will be charged accordingly.


Please notify us immediately so we can take the proper steps to replace the damaged merchandise.

If you are being asked to receive a paddle board that is damaged, refuse to accept merchandise by writing “Refused due to damage” on the BOL and return the shipment to the driver.  If damaged merchandise is left at your door and you did not have a chance to refuse it, document the damage immediately and contact us. 


If you have signed for and accepted the shipment, then noticed damage to your item, you have three (3) business days to file a claim from the date of delivery – any claims filed outside of this window may result in the claim being denied and/or the customer being responsible for shipping charges. 

To file a claim, email with a summary and images of the damage.

Important Info:

Please note that we are not responsible for packages damaged or lost in transit or return shipping costs. We highly recommend adding insurance and tracking information to your package through a carrier such as USPS, UPS or FedEx. 


If you want a refund, we are happy to honor that request any time before the product is shipped.

Once you have confirmed your order for fulfillment, the shipping process has started. This can be by email or through the color portal. When you have completed the color portal/email, your order is sent for fulfillment to be shipped. We are not able to change or cancel your order once either of these things have been completed.

Please give us a call or send an email to with your request, and include your order number if possible.

Origamis may be returned or exchanged under the following conditions:

  1. The Paddle Board is in new and unused condition. It has not been ridden.
  2. The customer is responsible for all shipping and custom (if applicable) charges to return or exchange and Origami Paddler.
  3. A $20 restocking fee will be charged for all exchanges.
  4. All returns must be requested within 30 days of delivery.

Origami Paddler is not responsible for returned merchandise that is damaged or lost in transit.

If you request a refund while your Origami is in transit from us:

You will need to pay to ship it back, and once your Origami is returned, we will issue the refund minus shipping and the restocking fee. 

Kickstarter backers who are requesting a refund:

Kickstarter as a platform makes it clear that no refunds are required for any project from their platform. Kickstarter speaks in length about this here.

However, as a golden rule company, we offer a refund to our Kickstarter backers of 70% to reflect the 30% we spent on the fees and creation of our Kickstarter campaign. 

If your Origami arrives unbroken and you still want a refund.


If you request a refund while your Origami is in transit from us:

You will need to pay to ship it back, and once your Origami is returned, we will issue you the 70% refund for your Kickstarter pledge. 

We encourage you to sell or give your pledge away if you no longer want it!

Tracking the Status of your order, return, or exchange

When we reach full production, we will process most orders in  3-5 business days. 

We process most returns and exchanges in 10-15 business days. 

Adjustments to credit cards will be made within 2 billing cycles. 



Kickstarter Backers were charged when the campaign was completed for their chosen reward level, but as stated above, they were not charged for shipping. All other customers were or will be charged for shipping at the time of placing a Pre-Order. 

All Pre-Orders (not including the Kickstarter Backers)  are handled through the Shopify Payment platform. Methods of payment may include Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and others as made available from time to time by the payment gateway provider. For refunds payment providers may not allow refunds to be processed back on the initial form of payment. Please contact us directly via email for your options. 

Your placing of a Pre-Order constitutes your express agreement to the company charging of your provided payment method at such time, knowing the date of delivery is an estimation only. The purchase price does not include import duties, taxes and other government charges, which are your responsibility.



  1. Damage or defects caused by impact with any materials or objects (rocks, docks, other boards, etc).
  2. Damage or defects caused by use outside of normal, intended purpose.
  3. Damage or defects caused by normal wear and tear.
  4. Damage or defects caused by transport, loading, unloading, dropping, or out of water handling, including marks left by over tightening transport straps.
  5. Damage or defects caused by heel dents also known as pressure dings.
  6. Damage or defects caused by inappropriate storage, like storing in excessive heat or direct sunlight for an excessive period of time.
  7. Damage or defects caused by wave impact and/or impact with ocean/lake/stream floor.
  8. Boards used in rental, commercial, or teaching environments.
  9. Damage to fin or fin box caused by impact to the fin.
  10. Any customer-initiated modifications to the board.
  11. Damage due to improper accessory application.
  12. Cosmetic damage that does not affect product use.


We are currently shipping in all locations in the continental USA.  

If you select USPS as your shipping provider, please understand that the U.S. Post Office does not guarantee estimated ship times. 

Once we begin shipping from inventory in mid-2021, please allow up to five days processing time before your items are shipped. These days are in addition to the estimated days to delivery given by the shipping provider.

COVID Notice: Shipping is taking longer than usual these days, so please keep that in mind when you place your order.  Both the U.S. Postal Service and private carriers expect shipping delays right now.  

We'll get your items shipped as quickly as possible, but we unfortunately can't control how quickly shipping services can get your items to your doorstep.  

We've been getting reports of items marked as "delivered" 24-48 hours before they actually arrive.  Again, we don't have control over the delivery, but if you don't receive your items within a few days of their delivery date, please let us know. You will be provided with a tracking number by email when your product ships. 

For orders outside North America, it may take weeks to receive your order, depending on the customs procedures of the receiving country.  


If you experience a delay in shipping, please contact us within 30 days. 

UPS does not keep shipment tracking records past 30 days, so if you do not receive your shipment or your shipment is damaged, please contact us within 30 days, and we will be happy to help.

You are also responsible for paying any governmental taxes imposed in connection with use of the Site or the purchase or any products or services made available through the Site, including sales, use, value-added, and excise taxes.