Hinge Replacement Guide – Origami Paddler

Hinge Replacement Guide

You've got new hinges!

Here's what to do next:

  • Your new hinges are labeled with the numbers seen on the OP pictured below.
  • You will be re-using the screws and the pins. Ensure that they don't get mixed up since the FRONT (bow) hinges have SHORTER pins and screws, and the BACK (stern) hinges have LARGER pins and screws.
  • The following videos will walk you through how to make the hinge replacements, or you can keep reading below!

Pin/Bungee hinge set replacement for outer hulls

Cord hinge set replacement for center hull

Origami Paddler Hinge Replacement Guide 1

Hinge replacement instructions

The Origami Paddler (OP) is held together by four hinges. Each hinge is composed of two sets of hinge pieces that clamp together to the OP hulls. When replacing your hinge set, you will receive a specifically labeled hinge set replacement kit of either half or the whole hinge that you will need to attach and secure to the hulls in the appropriate location.

Each hinge half can be described as either the bungee/inner-loop half or the cord/outer-loop half. The bungee hinge set will come with a small bungee loop attached to the top mushroom clamp and a long bungee loop extending through the bottom and top pieces near the hinge loop, which will fit on the inside compared to its companion hinge piece. The cord hinge set will include a static (non-stretchy) cord loop and a flexible plastic bumper that should be attached to the hinge loop that will be located to the outside of the hinge barrel and exterior of the OP.

Replacing hinge pieces consists of removing the original pieces simply by unscrewing and removing the screw that holds the top and bottom pieces together, clamping the hinge to the OP, and clamping on the replacement set by reusing that screw in the replacement. If the bungee set is being replaced, you will also be reusing the pin.

Inspect the hinges before use for any signs of stress or compromise in the form of cracks. Take note of which hinges are compromised(forwards/back/left/right/cord/bungee) and contact us for replacement parts.

Multiple Replacements

If you are replacing both front and rear sets of hinges, there will be different lengths of screws and pins. The bow hinges (that attach the bow to the center hull) have pins, screws, and pin bungees that are shorter than those same components used for the stern hinges (that attach the stern to the center hull).

  • Hinge pieces are arranged with the cord pieces attached to the center hull and the bungee pieces either to the bow or stern with the hinge barrel loop always on the outer side. Follow the numbered hinge piece arrangement plan given in the appendix.
  • When replacing hinges, remove anything that may get in the way, including the shoulder strap, which should be able to be untied with the pull of the knotted tail.
  • Separate the hulls by removing the two-piece rivet-bolt pin on both sides of the OP. Unscrew the bolt by hand and use pliers if necessary from the rivet. When the bolt is halfway unscrewed, use pressure to push the half unscrewed bolt through the hinge barrel so the rivet can now be accessed and pulled out after unscrewing the bolt the rest of the way. Make sure all hinges are free, and rivet-bolt pins are removed before attempting to separate hulls.
  • Remove the hinge pieces from the hull by unscrewing the screw found in the “countersunk screwboss” (see Appendix Figure) from the top side of the top hinge piece. Remove the screw completely and save it for reuse.

Bungee/Pin Piece

  • Remove the L-shaped pin from the bungee cord by slipping the bungee loop up and over the nub end of the pin and pulling the pin free.
  • Reattach the pin to the replacement set by facing the pin point towards the small bungee loop with the nub side facing towards the center of the OP, threading the bungee through the pinhole in the head of the pin using the bent wire as a needle and extending the loop around and over the nub just as you found the pin in the previous arrangement.
  • Pull the pin and bungee tight to secure the pin. Make sure the pin bungee is able to extend so the pin can be fully inserted into the locking keyhole.
  • Ensure the replacement hinge set is ready with top and bottom pieces aligned so the screw can be inserted and given 2-3 turns of the screw
  • Next, attach the hinge pieces to the hull, ensuring a proper fit within the mushroom-shaped clamp areas before tightening the screw and clamping the replacement hinge piece to the hull until it is secure.
  • Once secure, bring the two hulls and two halves of the hinge together to ensure a good fit of the interlocking tabs that lock the hulls into paddle mode when the locking pin is fully inserted. If the tabs are not aligned, either tighten or loosen the hinge clamp via the hinge screw until they are aligned.
  • Reattach hulls by sliding in the rivet from the inside of the hinge barrel facing outwards so the bolt can be screwed in from the outer side of the hinge barrel. Remember to attach both sides to minimize the danger of having a partially attached hull swing out and torque the attached hinge.
  • After reattachment of the rivet-bolt pins, fold and unfold the hulls to check again for alignment, making adjustments when necessary. Hinges should be firmly secured.
  • Reattach the shoulder strap if desired.

We use the “Sheet Bend knot with a slip” that can be easily removed when needed. Other options include purchasing a carabiner or other sturdy but low-profile clip.

How to tie a sheet bend knot with a slip:

Hinge Piece Arrangement:

Note: (A) refers to bow hinges while (B) refers to Stern hinges. When reusing pins and screws, keep them consistent with the hinge type they were originally associated with.

Hinge Breakdown Summary:

Note: Pins and screws will be shorter for bow hinges and longer for stern hinge sets.

If at any time you would like to schedule a phone call or a video call to further help with installation of the replacement hinges, feel free to reach out to Sarah at the Origami Paddler workshop at (801) 836-2988!