1 Origami Paddler · Pre-Order Mega Discount
Origami Paddler

1 Origami Paddler · Pre-Order Mega Discount

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1 Origami Paddler for Pre-Order.  
Includes paddle, adjustable seat/backrest, and a shoulder strap.

Kayak + Stand-Up Paddleboard

Fit In Your Car. Sets Up In Less Than 1 Minute!


Customers have ordered over 30,000 units so far, and we have already shipped over 13,000! We continue to ramp up manufacturing, and we will soon be shipping 5,000 - 6,000 per month.

We will ship in the order of purchase. Your order confirmation number is an indicator of your place in the preorder line. 


- Hardshell Stand-Up Paddle Board & Kayak In-one
- Includes paddle, adjustable seat/backrest, and shoulder strap.
- Created by Tim Niemier, the founder of Ocean Kayak.
- Made in the USA.
- Ultra Durable! Puncture Resistant.
Made of recyclable plastic materials.
Weight: 45 lbs. (20 kg). Breaks down into 3 pieces (Around 15 lbs each).
- Max capacity for best performance: 230 lbs. (104 kg).
- Assembled Size: 9' feet long (274 cm). 31.5" inches wide (80 cm).
- Flat spaces for pets, or SUP yoga.
- Folded Size >> length: 35.5" (90 cm). width: 31.5" (80 cm). height: 13.5" (34 cm)

Enjoy the Easy, Awesome, Freedom!

Easy: Easy to store, Easy to move, Easy to use! Compact Portability 

Awesome: Flexible, combination Paddleboard and Kayak in one! An Origami Paddler unfolds in seconds - sit or stand as you like!

Freedom: Our patented design gets you on the water quickly. No roof racks- fits in the trunk of you car. No help required, carry out and go!
Origami Paddler can break down into 3 pieces, 15 pounds each and reassembles in seconds.  


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Customer Reviews

Based on 319 reviews
Mark Alling
Origami Paddler Nice Except for seat back lack of support.

I love our Origami Paddler. I bought her as an example of what can be accomplished with recycled plastic drink bottles for the paddlers I take on organized church kayak trips. I have used her in breezy small wave conditions, in paddling upstream against river currents, and she performs very well. But I have not found a way to get sufficient back support from the seat back. I believe I have the seat back straps correctly connected per the instructions but the seat simply lays back when I lean back into it. I am a 71 year old man 6 ft tall weighing 185 lbs, and a longtime paddler.

So I paddle sitting crosslegged, which is comfortable for short distances but starts to numb my legs for longer than an hour of paddlling at a time. I wish the seat back supports attached forward rather than backward. I think that would give sufficient support to ones back.

Otherwise the Origami Paddler is really nice.

Zach Edelen
My Origami Paddlers ROCK!

Might have taken a while. But, they were well worth the wait. Both boats shipped absolutely problem free. Super easy to set up out of the box & even easier to launch into the water. Literally less than 1 minute to unfold & start enjoying the water! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Zach E. St. Louis, MO

Melanie Garcia

Easy transport. Compact. Fun in the sun.

Natalia Likambo
It’s … ok

I was hoping for something a little more stable when it comes to the stand up paddler. The kayak part it great. Unfortunately doesn’t fit in my car without putting the seats down though, which makes me not want to use it. Not fun carrying down apartment stairs either.

Wanda Watts
Great Deal

I’m very pleased with my Origami Paddler. I can’t wait to get back on the water with it! It’s awesome!!!!

Susan Locke

Just put mine in the water a bit heavy to cary .used the khaki but haven't try paddle board yet. Liked the design holes in the front to put your feet.

Michael Jaglarz

The paddler is great! i’s surprisingly stable for being shorter than most paddle boards. You will get wet, much like a sit on top kayak but the convince is great. On the downside, it is heavy if you are a small person it is hard to get in and out of the car, BUT much easer than a 12 foot board on the roof. Over all we love it. It took a long time to ship due to Covid but it was well worth it! We highly recommend it, for mobility ease of travel and fun!

Gail Munguia
Have not received my order

I ordered my two origami paddlers over year ago. No emails, no contact from the company. Is this a Fraud company?My email is [****]

Lucia Cuglietta
Can’t wait

It’s pretty cold up here still, so we haven’t been able to get on the water yet. I’ve gotten the replacement hinges and have installed them as instructed per origami video, & instructions sent. Thank you. At present the paddlers are in my garage awaiting the warmer weather. Once ready to use I’ll just double check all the nuts and bolts. Ensure they are all tight. My only concern is if ever the hinges dry out and possibly fracture, but I know origami has my back with any future issues. I really can’t wait for that warm weather to come out so that my husband and I can enjoy them. Hoping we’ll be able to enjoy them in a couple weeks. Today it’s cloudy and cold and will be getting some rain. Sorry I’m not able to give a better review but will do so once we’ve been out in the actual water a couple times. CANT WAIT looking so forward to it. I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

Tina Hejnar
Love it

All it needs is life jacket seat and a more solid back support but my dog leans up against me and it’s just right. Still not figuring the handle for carrying and I don’t have wheels for pulling it