Origami April 2021 Shipping Update – Origami Paddler

Origami April 2021 Shipping Update

Respectful Love

                  Grateful Joy

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                                                                      Origami Sun Shine Bright

                                                                                                     -Paul Hoyt

Surveys are floating towards all of our Kickstarter backers!

If you are a Kickstarter backer, you will receive two surveys. In the first survey, you’ll get to tell us what color(s) you want and provide your shipping address. In the second survey, you’ll have the opportunity to order additional accessories or paddlers if you want (at our special discount pricing!) and pay for shipping costs (and taxes or duties, if required). 

The second survey will be sent in waves or batches as we get closer to shipping you paddler(s)! 

This is a big milestone for Origami as we are riding the wave to full production, and we are ever grateful for your love, light, and support! We have found the shipping costs to have increased dramatically from when we first launched almost a year ago on Kickstarter- but we are certain we will be able to deliver a wonderful shipping experience at a fair price for all of our Origami Family!

If you have any other questions about shipping  and delivery we have set up a page on our website with more in-depth information.  

You can find it here: https://www.origamipaddler.com/pages/timeline

If you are not one of our Kickstarter backers but placed an order from our website, we love you too!  We’ll send you a survey as we get a lot closer to shipping your paddler(s)

When will I get my paddler(s)?

We are starting the shipping process (by surveying) in April. We expect to begin shipping in volume in May, ramping up manufacturing as quickly as possible. With 8,530 backers ordering nearly 12,000 paddlers, it will take a while to fulfill all the Kickstarter pledges.

Your delivery date will depend on where you are in line, where you are located, and how quickly we can scale up production. If you are a Kickstarter backer, your backer number is a good indication of your place in line. If you pre-ordered from our website, your place in line is your order number + 7,530! (Note: we had 8,530 Kickstarter backers, and the website order numbers started at 1,000).

Our goal is to fulfill all the Kickstarter pledges by the middle of July, but realistically, it could take a little longer than that. 

Please know that we are working as hard as we can to ship as quickly as we can and that we appreciate your patience. The wait will be worth it!

What if I don't see the email yet?

You will only see the email if you are a Kickstarter backer. 

Check your spam folder. If you use Gmail, sometimes your invite will go to your "Promotions" tab.

If you still can't find it, search your inbox for "PledgeManager"

If that doesn't work:

  1. Click - https://origami-paddler.pledgemanager.com/projects/origami-paddler/
  2. Click "Request New Invite"
  3. Enter your email address (the one you pledged with on Kickstarter)
  4. Wait at least 10 minutes - then go to your email, open the invite, and click the giant button to start your first survey. 

If that doesn't work, check the FAQ page @ https://origami-paddler.pledgemanager.com/projects/origami-paddler/ and submit a support request, or request to change your password.


I joined Kickstarter via Apple Pay or I need to change something on my Kickstarter Account (like my email)

As part of Kickstarter, these emails were sent to the email address connected to your Kickstarter account. It is the email address you have entered in your Kickstarter profile. You are in charge of this account, and only you can change the email address.

We see that we have emailed every Kickstarter backer at least once to the email address connected to their Kickstarter profile. We can change the email address on our email list, and within our Pledge Manager, but this is not the same as changing it on Kickstarter. 

If you have requested an invite and it is still not coming, you can try logging in to Pledge Manager here and requesting a password reset.


We are not able to change your email address associated with your Kickstarter profile. You are the person who can do that. If you need help with your Kickstarter profile, please contact Kickstarter support.


There's something wrong with my pledge!

That's not impossible. If you notice something is awry, you can submit a support request at https://origami-paddler.pledgemanager.com/projects/origami-paddler/ or send us a message directly to support@origamipaddler.com and we'll look into it for you. 


What if I need to change my address?

As long as your items have not been shipped, you can always change your address. Just simply log back into PledgeManager at https://origami-paddler.pledgemanager.com/projects/origami-paddler/ and make the appropriate change.  (If you change your country, additional shipping costs may apply.) 

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