October 2020 Update – Origami Paddler

October 2020 Update

Progress Update From Tim Niemier

FREEDOM!  We want to set you free.  Our watery world is our great WILD wilderness. Our goal is to give you freedom and let you go a little WILD!  

Your significant input and suggestions are taking shape into an Origami Paddler just for you. 

Working remotely, our team has upgraded the design and we are in the final stages of selecting our manufacturing partner. 

There are several new features we are working on. A THICKER side profile is in the works; rest assured, the weight of the Origami is still approximately 45 pounds.

We’ve created a new flat area in the front for yoga, dogs, or just laying down and we have moved the footwells slightly off to the side.

We’re working on a better seat for paddling that will fold away, and a better way to handle the board folded or unfolded.

And we’re very excited about the patent-pending design of the new hinges - they will be even faster and easier to use. 

There are lots of details that go into designing this watercraft, and that doesn’t even cover all the great accessories we have coming.  Best of all, we are still on track to deliver your unit(s) this spring!

The Origami Paddler is all about Easy, Awesome Freedom, and we are so excited you are a part of this story.

If you haven’t done so already, please like and follow our Facebook page @origamipaddler for frequent updates and videos where you can hear more of the story and mythology that is Origami Paddler. 

Here is the link to our Facebook page - like and follow us at https://www.facebook.com/OrigamiPaddler/

And if you haven’t ordered yours yet, now’s the time to do so - we are steadily raising our prices and expect to sell a lot more units during the holiday season. 

Thanks again for being part of the Origami Paddler family!

Easy. Awesome. Freedom. Coming this spring!

Tim Niemier